The RPI Calendar

to stay on your customers' mind every day.

The first calendar on the wall stays, so order yours early and ensure yours is the first to arrive!
When your customers and business partners have your calendars on display, they think of you often.

A company calendar…

1) Increases Brand Awareness through promoting the qualities and images of your brand.

2) Builds Goodwill, a gift to a prospective client can help develop a positive connection.

3) It’s practical, useful, visible and for most a daily necessity.

4) Encourages Reciprocity. (They make great gifts!)

5) Has a high perceived value yet calendars are very economical to produce.

6) Shares your brand and capabilities through a variety of design elements: images, messages, theme, color, layout, or sizes. 

Not sure where to start? Our project managers can help you build a calendar that effectively reflects your brand and grows your business.

Enjoy a 2022 calendar from RPI.

2022 RPI Sustainability Calendar