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Paperboard Packaging and Folding Cartons

RPI has the experience to grow your brand!

RPI is a leader in Paperboard Packaging solutions provider.  With over 50 years of experience in the graphic arts industry, extensive knowledge of printable substrates, and understanding of what works in retail environments, we have the expertise to find the right balance between great ideas and great execution.

Our experience in working with leading world class brands gives us a keen understanding of partnerships and the importance of protecting brand equity.  We understand that reputation is everything and stake ours on maintaining consistent quality and appearance of your brand across multiple print runs.  Our equipment, processes and experienced staff ensure that your brand has a consistent, positive impact on the shelf.

RPI is a mid-size business with the capacity for high volume programs yet the flexibility to produce smaller runs.

Packaging Capabilities:

Consumer Packaging Case Study


  • Client in the Dayton area was looking for a cost-effective solution for their Temp-N-Toss Forehead Thermometer product expansion.


  • Package Re-design.
  • Significant cost reduction of 12.4% vs. previous packaging concept, which includes packaging and assembly costs.

Packaging FAQs:

Q: Can you help me with my package design?

A: Yes, we have an internal design team and access to thousands of packaging templates. We can also create a custom design for your product if a pre-existing template is not available.

Q: Does RPI have a minimum order quantity for packaging projects?

A: Since RPI is able to print on both digital and offset production platforms, we do not have a minimum order quantity for most projects. However, the most cost-effective way to produce your package may be dependent on a variety of factors including flat size, finishing options, etc.


Print Excellence Gold Award - Packaging 2023
2023 Print Excellence Awards - GOLD - Packaging Category

Q: What processes and procedures do you have in place to ensure my packaging will meet our production requirements?

A: RPI can work with your production team to ensure the proper testing is done to meet your specs and tolerances including compression testing.

Q: How long does a typical packaging project take from start to finish?

A: Normal lead-time for a typical packaging project can be anywhere from 6-12 weeks if design is required. This, however, is flexible if shorter timetables are necessary to meet a deadline, and if a die line has already been developed timing can be only a matter of a few weeks

Print Excellence Award - Bronze - Packaging 2023
2023 Print Excellence Awards - BRONZE - Packaging Category
Hanging Product packaging
2021 Print Excellence Awards - Packaging Category


Q: Can RPI produce packaging for my food product?

A: RPI facilities are not FDA certified, however we can produce folding cartons for secondary food contact.

Q: Can RPI design my current packaging to be more cost effective?

A: RPI can help evaluate your current cost structure and provide recommendations for cost savings based on using alternative substrates, different production methods, or inventory management.

Q: Is RPI able to produce multiple versions of a package even if they are small quantities?

A: Yes, we can “gang run” multiple versions on a single press form to create production efficiencies or use our digital/offset hybrid printing methods to manage small quantities.

Q: Does RPI offer recyclable packaging options?

A: Yes, we have access to a wide assortment of recyclable and environmentally friendly substrates and can recommend a stock for your paperboard cartons. We are also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Q: Can you help me determine what PMS colors can be converted to 4-Color process colors?

A: Yes, we can identify for our clients which PMS colors can be closely matched with 4-Color process by either doing a press proof or digital proof. We can also help identify any trapping issues through this proofing process.

Consumer product packaging printed inserts
2021 Print Excellence Awards - Packaging Category

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