Point of Purchase (POP) & Point of Sale (POS)

RPI has developed a streamlined process for executing Retailer POP/POS that is quickly becoming the industry standard for efficiency and effectiveness.

cube ceiling dangler

Cubed Ceiling Dangler

  • Visual Impact: Our knowledge of Production Art techniques, printable substrates, and “what works at retail” gives us the expertise to find the right balance between great ideas and great execution.
  • Production Capabilities: RPI has a wide array of digital and offset print capabilities, as well as large and small format printing, die cutting and shipping solutions.
  • Focus on Execution: RPI understands that a great POS program is not complete until it is implemented in the store and seen by consumers. That is why we have dedicated kit-packing, shipping and customer service departments who work tirelessly to insure POS programs are shipped accurately, on time, and easy to execute at retail.

Our dedicated Project Managers help create branded point of sale materials.

RPI in-house services:

  • Production House Model
  • PrePress Process
  • Production Art
  • Graphic Adaptations
  • Artwork Management
  • Custom Designs and Innovations
  • RPI Project Managers assist with:

  • Fostering innovation and creativity with traffic stopping design & graphics
  • Helping to Strengthen your Brand equity
  • Implementing efficient workflows
  • Facilitating speed to market of creative executions
  • Conceptual, Renderings, Repurposing, & Structural Design
  • project manager


    Conceptual Prototype




    Repurposing Point of Purchase Design


    3D retail signage

    2022 Print Excellence GOLD Award

    3-Dimensional Displays

    RPI Services:

  • Production Art – Implement and re-purpose existing Brand assets
  • Structural Design – Develop new ways to visually communicate Brand
  • Imaging, retouching, and copy changes on the fly
  • Substrate Innovation and testing
  • Full range of Production services
  • Kit-Packing/Fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • Bank 3D Cutout

    Point Of Purchase & Point Of Sale Execution: Process & Equipment

    Data Management. RPI uses real time file transfer and proofing processes. Digital assets are accessed and processed computer-to-plate (CTP) electronically. All creative or text changes are sent via .pdf for proofing and approvals.

    Compressed production timeline. RPI in house services allow for complete program management from “Data to Dock”.

    • Creative Services (Structural & Creative design, plus pre-press)
    • Print Production
    • Bindery
    • Kit-Packing
    • Shipping
    Simply Orange 3D retail display

    3D POP Displays

    2022 Print Excellence GOLD Award

    Examples of RPI Point of Purchase/Point of Sales Displays

    Magnetic coupon display hanger

    Magnet Displays

    Small object countertop dispenser

    Product Dispenser

    hibiscus Tea Samples

    Packaging Inserts

    3 Dimensional Standee

    Kroger Indy 500 Race Day Retail Display

    Case Header

    3-sided point of purchase spinner display

    3 Sided Spinner with Base

    Gift card display stand

    Gift Card Displays

    Point of purchase marketing is where the consumer, the money, and the product all come together.