Digital Printing

Digital printing takes a different approach and assembles the images ready for print, from a digital file. These images are captured from pixels, and the digitalized image is used to control the application of ink to replicate the image you would like to print.

RPI has a variety of digital printing presses with diverse features and benefits. 

Digital print is ideal for creative projects because it is flexible, customizable and cost-effective for short runs. It is the best solution for proofing to test substrates or vary design elements.  A wide variety of substrates and finishes are available with a limitless color palette. 

 Digital printing makes variable data possible. Customize your marketing campaign with images, design, copy or personalized direct mail. Customize graphics by segmentation, or send a personalized message, test different headlines, colors, or font….the possibilities are endless. Digital printing is flexible and convenient, with quick set up and turn around times.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  • Personalize and segment with variable data capability (names, QR codes, addresses, images)
  • Enhanced technology meets print quality specifications
  • Eco-Friendly substrates and inks
  • Print on Demand programs save money and materials
  • Proofing on like substrates
  • Fast turn around time
  • Smaller runs are more cost effective
  • No printing plate is needed unlike offset printing
  • Special colors can be used
  • Customize printed materials
  • Lower minimum quantities

Color Management

Learn how RPI uses G7 certification and ColorCert® to accurately reflect your brand across inks, substrates and equipment.

Every customer is unique, reach them using variable data